A corporate transaction is a complex process.

Preparing the company and the process carefully and in advance, is paramount in achieving the best results.

Searching investors or target companies to acquire needs knowledge of the financial institutions, and ability to approach competitors and industry mates.

Managing negotiations with interested counterparties requires a lot of experience and devoting large amounts of time and effort.

To assure the support of adequate financial, legal, fiscal, labor, environmental, and other advisors has proved to be frequently necessary. It is very important to keep advisors’ work in a seamless cooperation.

At Audeo Corporate we take care of leading all the several phases of a corporate transaction, either in competitive processes or pear-to-pear negotiations:

  • Preliminary study: Market analysis, impact of the transaction, both internal and external, planning, …
  • Feasibility analysis, restructuring requirements and other previous actions to be taken to facilitate the transaction.
  • Team coordination, both internal and external. Support to advisors for specific areas (legal, fiscal, labor, environmental, and others).
  • Construction of business plan.
  • Value analysis.
  • Presentation materials: Teaser for the initial non-binding process phase and detailed Information Memorandum for selected candidates.
  • Search and selection of candidates.
  • Fronting in negotiations.
  • Preparation of data-rooms, management of due-diligence, Q&A and focused meetings.
  • Coordination of management presentations.
  • Proposals: analysis and preparation
  • Special support to the legal team in negotiating and preparing sale and purchase agreements and other legal documents and issues.
  • Follow-up and support of post-signing and post-closing actions.
  • Coordination of interim management committees between seller and purchaser.

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